We design and create mobile apps

Who We Are

We are a Creative Development Studio based out of Dublin.


We love iOS, our fluid designs and clean architecture will let your app glow on the iOS platform.


Our Designs are slick and sleek, your app will sparkle and shine, we create every pixel with precision and shiny goodness.


We are Android experts, our handsome material designs and expertly crafted Android code can make your App sparkle


Our apps are written cleanly and tested thoroughly, using the latest techniques in Swift and Java we guarantee speed and success.

Elf Mail

Elf Mail is a magical mobile app used by Santa’s very own elves in the North pole to send messages to children all over the world!


Consulting for Tapadoo, the client's product is sold to telecommunications providers to analyze activity on their network.


OpenBack supply libraries to help businesses make smarter business decisions in Mobile Apps.

Mawla’s Offering

Here’s Why Mawla Beats All Other Creative Studios

Our Friends

We’ve been lucky to work with some great people!