Project Description

Sonar is an Android app that displays all the Pokemon surrounding a given location. It uses some clever workarounds to retrieve the Pokemon information from their servers, this data is usually restricted to the PokemonGo app but was intercepted for this app.


  • Scan 2km around a point
  • Change location, search using the Places API
  • Store logins
  • Push notifications and Filters

A big selling point of this app was the visualisation of the searching algorithm, I created a hexagon grid around the users location, this grid comprised of overlapping rings expanding outwards, comprising of 600~ points. This can be seen as a blue circle spiralling out from the start point.

Featured in the Irish Daily MirrorDublin LiveIndependent.ieShemazing

Great app
Been testing this and work a charm.

Cory McPhelim
Catchin’ em all made easier!
Have been using this for a few days and it is awesome.
Anthony Ormond
Very good!
If it could scan a bigger area in lesser time would be even better, but still the best option now that pokevision is off, and i tried a lot of apps already
Cleber Bentat
Keep it up!!
Hanayo Koizumi