Project Description

Pokedex is a web based app that displays all the Pokemon surrounding a given location. It uses some clever workarounds to retrieve the Pokemon information from their servers, this data is usually restricted to the PokemonGo app but was intercepted for this web app.

The code was a collaborate effort with the lions share of the work coming from the community on Github.


  • Scan 2km around a point
  • See expiry times
  • Set notifications for Pokemon of interest
  • Filter pokemon

This project was a real first to market, when I released this there was nothing else. Pokevision wasn’t setup, there were no mobile apps doing this.

So the uptake was meteoric, between the dates of July 19th and July 23th I received 100,000 page views.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 11.15.15
You can see the graph begin to even out as more apps and maps began to enter the market.

This project was hosted on Heroku, it consistent of a Django Python app and a simple javascript/html frontend.

The backend was essentially creating a mesh of location points around the starting area and requesting the pokemon information for those points.

The frontend was taking the output and displaying it in a google map.

This project wouldn’t have been possible without Heroku, it was incredibly easy to spin up 10+ instances, change environmental variables and update/deploy new code.

I never passed the free tier after 1000+ combined hours and a huge amount of traffic. When central park came online and I had 250+ active users at all times Heroku didn’t even blink. 10/10 Heroku would use again.