Project Description


Moment Health’s mission is to connect mothers and new parents with the tools and knowledge they need to sustain good mental health and recover from illness.

At Mawla we strongly advocate mental health, we feel strongly that technology like this is needed to make mental health mainstream and safe. There are many opportunities to apply advanced learning and data science to the problem of mental health. The first step is diagnosing understanding when someone needs help, and connecting them with the right support groups.

Their approach is based on four key services:

  • Survey based on clinical techniques with practical recommendations
  • Emotion diary with weekly reporting; a useful tool for identifying triggers
  • Recommended centres and groups based on your requirements
  • Support, companionship and advice

Moment has a bright future and we are delighted to work with them.



Mawla’s Work

We developed the Android side of the Moment Health app.

We worked closely with the CTO to create the Android app, adapting certain android idioms into the current design.
The app was an exciting technical challenge – security and consistency of data is critical in an application like this. Ensuring that all help centre data is up to date and correct is mission critical. People in need can never be let down.

We rose to the challenge by applying a clean code architecture, separating our business logic from the Android platform. This way we were able to write dependable, rigorously tested code.

Ever piece of business logic is unit tested, every screen is acceptance tested, and every build is run against these tests as part of our CI process.