Project Description


Our client supply a SaaS product for taxi companies, a full suite of products hosted in the cloud.

The suite of products ranges from Driver and Passenger apps, on the consumer side, and Dispatch and booking systems on the company side.

The suite allows taxi companies to compete with companies like MyTaxi and Uber in a world where passengers expect an app.


Mawla’s work

Our work lasted for 9 months offering Android consultancy and design experience.

Our primary responsibility was the passenger app, we delivered several important features such as: Business Accounts and Promotional Codes.
Features like these are instrumental in bringing the passenger app in-line with apps like Uber and MyTaxi, customers have been very happy with these features.

In startups where you need to move fast its hard to keep everything up to date. A big part of our work with the passenger app was applying standards, writing tests and improving the overall code quality and reliability of the app.