Project Description

Antics is a Mobile App based around the simulation of an Ant colony. It is an example of Swarm AI, each ant acts as an individual sensor in the swarms nervous system and returns data that the swarm as a whole acts upon.

The ants are driven by a need for food, water, living space and danger. Ants move about the map dropping pheromones which indicate a path to danger or food. Upon finding danger or food an ant will return to the hive leaving a trail of pheromones, and either gatherer or solider ants will act upon those pheromones.

Ants can be builders, gatherers or soliders and may change types depending on the needs of the hive. Ants die after a certain number of steps to simulate age, they require a minimum water/food intake to avoid death.

Mawla created this application as a test of Artificial intelligence principles and as a test of several mobile libraries.